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The APBR Pit Bull Resource Network is the world's first unification of resources surrounding exclusively the Pit Bull.

So you may be thinking why JUST Pit Bulls when there are thousands of other worthy pets also in need?

For 30 years many in the humane community have been arguing a point of over population and as a such have offered a solution of euthanasia and spay/neuter programs.

We do understand that on rare occasions euthanasia may be necessary. We also understand that spay/neuter does have positive benefits. With this in mind the the reality of the situation is that these two methods alone will not end the sad issue of unwanted and neglected animals.

In response to this some "so-called" humane organizations have even become more radicalized in their beliefs and seek to limit ownership through arbitrary, capricious and discriminatory laws aimed at certain breeds. The Pit Bull has been the breed where such breed specific legislation has had the greatest focus and is in fact the breed in greatest need yet ironically the one with the least amount of friendly resources.

Too often those who are/were supposed to be friends have turned out to be the greatest enemy of the Pit Bull. An example of this is how PETA alone in 2000 killed more animals in VA than 80% of all the other animal shelters in the entire state. The co-founder Ingred Newkirk has specifically singled out Pit Bulls and says anyone who does not believe in euthanizing Pit Bulls are naive.

At the APBR we have heard countless stories of where people have been victimized by "so-called" humane organizations. Pit Bulls at large are rounded up by caring enthusiasts of the breed and caring animal lovers to be turned over to an organization perceived to have its best interest at heart. Often within a day those that turn such in have a change of heart and have decided their home would the perfect forever home. Soon returning with hope in their heart they are met with the devastating news that ALL Pit Bulls that are turned in are euthanized and in many cases where they have not been euthanized yet the organization has a no-adopt policy for Pits and the now guilt ridden enthusiast must sit knowing his good intent and hope will soon be met with the exact end he was trying to have spared.

Jaded these individuals often make a blanket decision that "ALL" humane organizations are the enemy of the breed and quickly come to a conclusion that not helping a Pit in need is often the better option as far as the Pit Bull is concerned. This leads to Pit Bulls being misrepresented in the total number of homeless pets at any one time and creates a false impression that there are actually too many within the breed itself.

After recognizing that the current system does not work and realizing that many within management and administrators in the system have been blinded into a singular path of thinking we have decided to embark on this project to help create a new way of doing things. Remember the saying about doing something over and over that does not work? Well we are doing things differently.

We are proud to say due to our efforts with our Pit Bull Resource Network en numerous Pits have been saved and countless people and "Pit Bull Friendly" organizations who truly do have the breeds best interest at heart have unified in an effort of finding forever homes for all Pits in need.

Going into this effort we have recognized the following premises and principals:

  • As long as capitalism exists people will breed.
  • Adoption is not the right option for everyone or every Pit.
  • Turnin rates are greatly influenced by value.
  • Demand drives value.
  • As long as value is down so will be demand.
  • Ownership laws that single out breeds further drive down demand in an honest market.
  • As long as demand is down and ownership is penalized Pit Bulls will be over represented in shelters, pounds and other such organizations.
  • As long as owners as a whole perceive their pets to have less value they treat them with less respect leading to higher incidences of neglect and abuse.
  • ALL other breeds and mixes are ALREADY served by other resources.

With this in mind we feel the underlying thread to these is the idea of demand and value. What if instead of looking at the glass as half empty (over population) maybe a different perspective of only half full (under demand) would allow a different and more effective response.

The APBR Pit Bull Resource Network is set up with the idea in mind that by unifying "Pit Friendly" organizations and Pit Bull enthusiasts supply and demand can be more effectively matched with the hopes of bringing the Pit Bull breed and its demand to more of an equilibrium.

Hurricane Katrina and the many large scale natural disasters since have proven the woefully inept continuity of the pet community in responding to such. Since the APBR has also recognized this we have further expanded the idea behind the Pit Bull Resource Network to one that could also mobilize fast grass roots support activities in an effort to rescue as many Pits as quickly as possible during such tragedy.

It is important to understand this is a "Network" of individuals and organizations unified behind the central theme of love for the Pit Bull breed and a desire to truly see its best interest met. This is a community of individuals ranging from rescues to breeders to individuals. Participation is welcome but respect is required. Remember not everyone thinks the same. By using diversity of thought coupled with respect this service has the greatest chance for creating the most wide ranging and positive impact.

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