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Red is one of the most popular colors for Pit Bull pups. Red Pit Bull puppies can range in their coloration from deep red to a barely noticeable honey red. The color red is highly recessive and all patterns including brindle, piebald, merle, and & tans come with red variations. While red Pit Bulls are popular today at one time they almost went into extinction, as they were perceived to be weak or sickly.

Bias individuals have used the excuse weak or sickly throughout the breed's history in an attempt to try and diminish certain lines they have not liked. Responsible Pit Bull owners and true breed enthusiasts should avoid this mindset at all costs due to its destructive nature to the breed and its rich and colorful history. This mentality creates division in breed owners at a time when what the community needs most of all is unity.

Initially whites and reds were singled out as some of the first to face unreasonable discrimination and as of recent such bias individuals have turned their attention to Merle, tris, blues and & tans. While it is unclear why such individuals would want to destroy the well documented and diverse heritage of the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) dog breed it is clear that they never seem to be satisfied. If allowed to be given their way one day the breed will loose its diversity and be simply another homogenized breed like the German Shepherd where virtually all representatives looks identical.

While all reds are not necessarily from the Old Family Red Nose ( OFRN ) line the majority do have their influence in it. This line gets its name by its unmistakable red nose. While red lines were quite popular in the early days of the breed's official establishment by the 1940's it had fallen from popularity due to false rumors as to its strength and health and subsequently almost fell extinct. Then came along a few dedicated breeders by the name of Borgeous, Bob Hemphill, Dan McCoy, L.C. Ownes, Aurthur Harvey, Buck Moon and Bob Wallace. These individuals were able to pull the lines back from the brink of extinction and bring them back into popularity. It was actually Dan McCoy that coined the term "Old Family Red Nose". By the early 1950's the line had once again become so popular Bob Wallace actually wrote an article to diminish what were becoming overly extended claims that were being made from enthusiasts of the red strains.

We hope you have enjoyed all the red Pit Bull pictures in our gallery and encourage you to also visit our APBR Member Gallery where members have contributed close to 30,000 of their own pictures.

Red Pit Bull pictures

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