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These kennels are some of the kennels the American Pit Bull Registry ( APBR ) has certified. Many others may also be found through our PitBullSocial network. Kennel Certification means that these kennels have signed a Code of Ethics contract that holds them accountable to being responsible in their ownership, engage only in quality breeding practices, be honest in their dealings with customers and the general public and to defend a positive American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) image.

APBR Kennel Certification is FREE to all responsible breeding members of the American Pit Bull Registry who have their Pits registered with us and have signed our Kennel Certification Code of Ethics. To learn more about our Kennel Certification program click here.

Testimonial:"Thank you so much for adding me to your site! I already have had three pups sold, and I was only added a week ago! One puppy sold to someone all the way on the other side of the state, five hours away! The pups are only 11 days old and I have three with deposits! That would have never happened had you not added a link to my site in the Certified kennel section . Thank you APBR. From us here at ThunderStorm Kennels"

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Poole's Pitbulls

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C & W Hawg Dog Kennels

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Pit Bull Myth:

All kennels are puppy mills and are only interested in making a quick dollar.

Pit Bull Fact:

While the puppy mill industry has received and justifiably so much negative attention most people who breed any pure bred dog or other animal do so out of love and the desire and pride of sharing this love with others. Those breeders who are Certified Kennels of the American Pit Bull Registry have signed an oath of care for their Pits and that they will act in the breeds best interest and always be honest with their buyers.