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Mix Method Online and Mail Registration

In this section you can find the various forms needed in order to submit your Pit Bulls registration applications online but provide the pictures and/or payment by mail. If providing pictures through the form the pictures will need to be in .jpg format and less than 1MB in file size. Pictures not in the proper format or too large will potentially cause the form to not process correctly. To see a quick tutorial video on how to convert to .jpg format or reduce file size here is a quick and easy video tutorial.

While the registration process is relatively easy following the form instructions if you have any registration questions or experience any issues in the registration process please use this contact form to let us know and we will be happy to help.

Please choose the best option below that fits your current situation.

$12.50 per pup. Each pup after the 8th is FREE for a maximum litter cost of $100.
Maximum $135 but may be less based on number of pups. Combines litter discount with extra discount for 2nd parent.
Maximum $125, includes litter discount plus one parent.
$105, equals a $20 discount.
  • APBR Kennel Certification (6-10 weeks processing) - In order to participate in the APBR Certified Kennel Program you must either be a current member or signing up to be one simultaneously.
FREE with APBR registration / membership. Must either be currently registering or already an APBR registered member to apply. Applications for non-registering or non-APBR current members will not be processed.

***Please note that when a litter is being considered for registration that it should not be delayed in order to first submit parent information. ALL registration material should be submitted simultaneously in order to help expedite the process. We place a priority on litters and associated materials and process such registration material together with priority due to its often time sensitive nature. Waiting to register a litter until parent registration is complete will delay the subsequent litters material upwards of 6+ weeks in addition to the normal litter registration time frames. ***


All forms should be printed, instructions followed carefully and mailed to us at:

American Pit Bull Registry

PO Box 1036 Antioch, TN 37011

When providing mailed information insure you include a printout or handwritten note with your material so it can be properly processed.