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Red Pit Bull puppy pictures

All different shades of red Pit Bull puppy pics.

    Red Pit Bull Puppy
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White Pit Bull puppy pictures

White and mostly white Pittie pics. Also includs the leucistic and albino subcategories.

    White Pit Bull Puppy
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Black Pit Bull puppy pictures

Beautiful baby black Pit Bull pictures.

    Black Pit Bull Puppy
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Brown Pit Bull puppy pictures

All shades of brown including fawn, buckskin, yellow, blonde, honey, beige and chocolate Pit Bull pup pics.

    Brown Pit Bull Puppy
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Piebald Pit Bull puppy pictures

Piebald is defined as a pattern of primary white with patches of any other color or pattern.

    Piebald Pit Bull Puppy
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Brindle Pit Bull puppy pictures

Brindle is a striped pattern that contains variations in all colors and patterns.

    Brindle Pit Bull Puppy
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Merle Pit Bull puppy pictures

Merle is a pattern that is defined often as darker splotches on a lighter primary color or pattern. Merle Pit Bull pups come in all colors and patterns.

    Merle Pit Bull Puppy
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Blue Pit Bull puppy pictures

The terms blue refers to those Pit Bulls in various shades of gray.

    Blue Pit Bull Puppy
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And Tan Pit Bull puppy pictures

Black and Tan, Liver and Tan, Blue and Tan. "...And Tan" comes in all colors and patterns and is often refered to as Tri when a third primary color is also present.

    And Tan Pit Bull Puppy
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Pit Bull Puppy Picture Galleries

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Brown Pit Bull Puppy Pictures | Piebald Pit Bull Puppy Pictures | Brindle Pit Bull Puppy Pictures
Merle Pit Bull Puppy Pictures | Blue Pit Bull Puppy Pictures | And Tan Pit Bull Puppy Pictures

Pit Bull Color / Pattern Standard

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At the American Pit Bull Registry ( APBR ) we believe in and follow the original color standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ). We are the only registry in the world to continue the original color standard for the breed. In the first written standard recorded on the breed the specific reference to color/pattern says: "Any color, solid, parti, or patched is permissible". We take serious this standard and feel there is no ambiguity with the term "ANY". As such we proudly accept and represent ALL purebred Pit Bull owners regardless of their choice in ownership. We understand other registries have since changed their standards due to internal politics and personal bias. The APBR does not accept these changes and believes a changing standard is no real standard at all. We respect everyone's rights to choose or not choose a Pit Bull for any reason to their liking. We also believe all serious owners of the breed should respect this choice in others.


In the included Pit Bull puppy picture gallaries you will find many of color and pattern variations the Pit Bull breed comes in. Commonly referenced colors and patterns for the Pit Bull include: red, black, white, leucistic (white with black nose), albino (pure white with pink nose with otherwise no melanin coloration), blue, seal, gray, fawn, buckskin, brown, chocolate, black and tan, liver and tan, yellow, blonde, honey, beige, brindle, dark brindle, light brindle, tawny, piebald (spotting/patching), tri-color, and merle, which comes in all colors and patterns. In each section we have tried to group those in similar color/pattern ranges. Many overlap however making it impossible to place them firmly in a single specific category.



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pit bull puppy pictures

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