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Pawsitive Pit Bull Talking Points

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  • Pit Bulls are the most populous pure breed in America.

  • Pit Bulls have a history longer than most other pure breeds.

  • The Pit Bulls is one of the most intelligent breeds.

  • Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal.

  • Pit Bulls have a history intertwined with American History unlike any other breed.

  • Pit Bulls can make excellent Service Dogs.

  • The Pit Bull breed as a whole suffers from relatively few health conditions.

  • A Pit Bull is the most decorated military dog in American history.

  • The first dog in a car driven across America was also in the first car to drive across America.

  • Petey from Little Rascals was a Pit Bull.

  • Helen Keller owned a Pit Bull.

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    "Thank you and God bless you for being a "light in the dark" for our beloved breed."


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