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Piebald Pit Bull Pictures

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Piebald is a pattern that can be represented with every other color and pattern within the pit Bull breed. The term piebald basically means patched. Such patches can range in size from nearly covering the entire dog to just a few spots. In most cases the patches cover the back of a dog and may be referred to as a saddle.

While the official term is piebald many people do not know this and will simply refer to their dog as patched or spotted. In many cases these spots and patches resemble that of a cow and some may affectionately refer to the pattern as moo-mmo.

The piebald pattern to some degree makes up the vast majority of the Pit Bull breed. Most Pit Bulls have some level of piebald and it is rare to see a Pit Bull that is otherwise a solid color or pattern without it.

We hope you have enjoyed all the piebald Pit Bull pictures in our gallery and encourage you to also visit our APBR Member Gallery where members have contributed close to 30,000 of their own pictures.

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