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Pit Bull

Pawsitive Pit Bull Talking Points

  • Pit Bulls are the most populous pure breed in America.
  • Pit Bulls have a history longer than most other pure breeds.
  • The Pit Bulls is one of the most intelligent breeds.
  • Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal.
  • Pit Bulls have a history intertwined with American History unlike any other breed.
  • Pit Bulls can make excellent Service Dogs.
  • The Pit Bull breed as a whole suffers from relatively few health conditions.
  • A Pit Bull is the most decorated military dog in American history.
  • The first dog in a car driven across America was also in the first car to drive across America.
  • Petey from Little Rascals.


Pit Bull Myth:

Pit Bull is not a breed but a type of dog.

Pit Bull Fact:

This is probably one of the most harmful myths about the American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ). The Pit Bull has a pure bred registration history longer than most other breeds in existence. Either something is or is not a Pit Bull. To call something a Pit Bull type only devalues the true pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ), works to create inaccurate and confusing statistics and supports efforts of breed specific legislation ( BSL ). If something is a mix - even a Pit Bull mix - it is still just a mix and not a "Pit Bull type". To single the Pit Bull breed out from every other breed in existence is simply biased and discriminatory and statistics and research that collect data in this way can in no way be considered as valid or fact.