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This section of our site is dedicated to various general Pit Bull related resources and information. Please choose from the menu above for your appropriate topic of interest. If you interest is in the humane care for, re-homing, rescue or other similar Pit Bull interest please check out our APBR Pit Bull Resource Network.

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Pit Bull Myth:

There is a over population of Pit Bulls.

Pit Bull Fact:

While in many shelters Pit Bulls are over represented in comparison to other pure breeds this is not due to an over population issue but more due to bad internal adoption policies within many humane organizations and of a lack of understanding about the breed resulting in an unnatural deflatation in demand. This misperception has led to further under supported demand and fewer adoptions. Lack of understanding and a sensationalist media unfairly portrays the breed further deflating value and supports a throw away mentality by many within the community. Unfair seizure due to breed specific legislation and lack of new and innovative approaches to placing needy Pits have further supported the false myth that there is an overpopulation within the breed. The American Pit Bull Registry is the only registry in the world to tackle the issue of needy pure bred Pits with new and innovative approaches and has set up the only Pit Bull Resource Network dedicated to finding all pure bred Pit Bulls in need a good home.