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White Pit Bull Pictures

In this section you will find pictures of White Pit Bulls. White Pit Bulls have faced discrimination in many registries due to the same unfounded bias as the Old Family Red Nose ( OFRN ) and the Merle Pit Bull lines have faced. Due to this persecution over time many have circumvented the process with such registries and have falsely subsequently registered them as other lines such as American Bulldogs and Dogo Argentinos. Due to lack of visual verification this has now muddied the look of those specific breeds for those who are unaware of what those breeds and their standards are. If you would like your White Pit Bull pictures displayed through our site we can make this possible once you become a member. If you would like to become a member and register your American Pit Bull Terrier ( APBT ) puppy with us  you may visit our How to register and get papers on my Pit Bull for more details.

Visit our Live Member Gallery here located at also where you too can be part of an active Pit Bull community and view new pictures added daily.

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